TraxxStemz by TokenTraxx

TraxxStemz is wonderful web3 technology for creating digital collectibles formed of generative music + art. These are created by randomly combining music stems and artwork layers into whole new amazing compositions. The final artworks are published in music + art pairs on the blockchain as totally unique NFTs.

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Generative music + art NFTs

Generative music + art is creative work that is created by autonomous systems such as software, algorithms, and computer code, guided by the creator.

An NFT, or digital collectible, is a unique creative work whose ownership and provenance is secured by the blockchain. NFT technology and digital collectibles represent a new way for musicians and artists to directly engage with fans, open new revenue streams and invite novel forms of artistic collaboration.

TraxxStemz is a great example of the possibilities opened up by generative art and NFT technology. Our TraxxStemz technology creates generative music + art by randomly combining audio stems and artwork layers according to tables of rarities.

TraxxStemz technology

The music and art is then captured in the form of digital collectibles that can be securely published, owned and traded on various different blockchains, an endeavour simply not possible before the advent of web3.


Music Generation

In music industry terminology, the various layers that compose a track are referred to as stems. These typically represent a given instrument in the track, like the lead guitar, the backing vocal, or the drums/percussion.

Music from an original track and its remixes is fed into TraxxStemz technology. Our technology randomly mixes and matches the various stems to create a seemingly inifinite number of new tracks, which are time-stretched and mastered in order to sound fantastic.

A given number of the different combinations are randomly selected to form the music for each digital collectible. The final number could be 100, 1000, or even more in an edition of NFTs.


Artwork Generation

Similarly to the music, visual artwork is then also fed into our TraxxStemz technology. The composite layers of the artwork are randomly recombined into various different images that are then used as the visual components of the NFTs.

TraxxStemS G6TS heart


Revolution by Graffiti6

The first TraxxStemz project is the brand new track Revolution by Graffiti6. The original track, Revolution, was remixed by 4 hot talents of varying styles ranging from EDM to D’n’B: Paul Woolford, Calyx & TeeBee, Flux Pavilion, and Oden & Fatso.

The original track and the 4 remixes were fed into our TraxxStemz technology to produce 3030 randomly generated digital collectibles, time-stretched and mastered to sound fantastic. All 3030 collectibles are published as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and are available to mint now.

Check out Graffiti6 Revolution on TokenTraxx

TraxxStemz technology


Created by

TraxxStemz was created in-house with love by TommyD and Richard Rauser at TokenTraxx Towers in Shoreditch, London UK. 🎵❤️

Check out Graffiti6 Revolution on TokenTraxx